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Christmas Goose

Jade Regent Session Summary: 01/06/18 – “Fetch me a fat goose, burly halfling man!”

Fetch me a fat goose, burly halfling man!   In which the heroes celebrate their recent emancipation of Snorri Stone-Eye’s treasure barge.   We rejoin the party as they begin their sneak back into the city of Karlsgard with their loot in tow – gleaming piles of weapons and armor, hundreds of pounds of art…
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Viking Funeral Ship

Jade Regent Session Summary: 12/22/17 – A Sendoff for Snorri

A Sendoff for Snorri The party arrived down by the river, watching as the barge is loaded with treasures, including a sacrificial horse. Contrasted to the feeling of the festival, there is a bit more ceremony in the air, though both the festival and the funeral are for remembrance of the dead. Having heard some…
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Jade Regent Session Summary 12/8/17 – More Fun than a Barrel of Ninjas

Episode X+3 – More Fun than a Barrel of Ninjas We rejoin our heroes in a back alley, after triumphing over many (but not all!) of the ninjas of the Frozen Shadows. Tsuyoi restrained one of the more legitimate looking members of the group, the Cleric of Fumeiyoshi, Mada Murai. He was initially not very…
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Tattoo artist / Ink Dealer. Runs a shop next to the temple of Sheylyn in Karlsgard‘s Fire Quarter. She did our masks at the Tsuyomi festival (Jade Regent Recap 10/13/17) and had an unusuall tattoo that caught Fane’s interest.


A kenku apothecary (and dealer in poisons) who provided us with information on Goti Runecaster.


The city of Kalsgard sits on the southern banks of the Rimeflow River in the northern reaches of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings known as the Thanelands. It is the biggest city in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and as such is the most cosmopolitan city for several hundred miles, housing communities of…
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Isvag the Pooper

Isvag was a servant being beat up at Asvig Longthews farm. He was a thrall who lost his freedom for the most heinous act of public defecation. In a sauna. He had served a few months of his year long sentence, but still bore the tramp-stamp of shame indicating his crime. When freed, he tried to make…
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Asvig Longthews

Asshole were-tiger we met while looking for Ulf Gormundr. He has a farm in the hilly plains south of Kalsgard. Lured Ulf out by discussing forging a trail through the Grungir Forest. Former lieutenant of Snorri Stone-Eye.

Jade Regent Session Summary: 12/1/17

Ambushing the Ambushers Rejoining our characters in the midst of the festival to Tsukiyo, we focus again on the streets of Karlsgard, deep in the Jade Quarter. Minkeian clothing and food decorate every corner, proving once again that even in Viking-town, there are vestiges of the East rising up. The party had recently noticed a…
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Jade Regent – Caravan To Courage

Everyone hates Bevelek. Vankor is OK Deekin is rad.