Jade Regent Session Summary: 01/06/18 – “Fetch me a fat goose, burly halfling man!”

If you're gonna dice....you better dice hard.

Jade Regent Session Summary: 01/06/18 – “Fetch me a fat goose, burly halfling man!”

Christmas Goose

Fetch me a fat goose, burly halfling man!


In which the heroes celebrate their recent emancipation of Snorri Stone-Eye’s treasure barge.


We rejoin the party as they begin their sneak back into the city of Karlsgard with their loot in tow – gleaming piles of weapons and armor, hundreds of pounds of art and coin, and a few magical items of unusual potency. Drago managed to bribe a city guard so that our wagon passed inspection, and we rendezvoused in the Bone Quarter with our stolen loot and the caravan. As Koya and Sandru returned from their dinner, they reported back to Amaranth on the dealings of the various guilds in the city: the grumblings and the information that there was dissatisfaction among the local guilds, particularly towards the ones more welcoming of foreign influence. Perhaps this signaled unhappiness with Blood-Eagle? Who knows.

Regardless, we managed to divvy up the loot, and work with Drago to fence the rest. After some magical help by Tsuyoi, Svenli was able to charm the pants off of Drago, getting the party a really good price on fenced goods. In return, we provided Dragon a lovely set of Masterwork Thieves tools. Ultimately, to celebrate, Tsuyoi and Fane both flagged down urchins to go get Deekin a fat goose to feast upon. Tsuyoi, in his drunken state, hailed a burly halfling man. Fane, however, attracted the attention of a dwarven youth, and managed to sway him with his unique dwarven dialect and knowledge of Upper Underdark law and customs. The goose arrived, and Deekin cooked a delicious meal. Over dinner, served upon their new fine silver, the party decided to get started the next day with some purchases of magical supplies, and the beginning of the hunt for for Suishen, the ancestral sword of the Kaijutsu lineage.

The party went to sleep soon after, lulled by the sound of Cheri beginning work on enhancing Tsuyoi’s armor.

Plot Hooks to Resolve:

  • KICK THE BUTT? of Amaranth’s cousin, Marcius Vashranari. He’s in town selling axebeaks. His stupid evil imp gave us some gold.
  • Finding the fey troll , Goti Runecaster to track down Ulf Gormundr, drunk caravan guide – BEFORE THEY FIND US!
  • Spending some time to train and learn from our mentors in the Caravan.
  • Going back and kicking the ass of Asvig Longthews
  • Buy gear before walking into Goti  Runecaster’s trap.

Next Session:

Track down Suishen, the ancestral blade of the Kaijutsu family.



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