Jade Regent Session Summary: 12/22/17 – A Sendoff for Snorri

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Jade Regent Session Summary: 12/22/17 – A Sendoff for Snorri

Viking Funeral Ship

A Sendoff for Snorri

The party arrived down by the river, watching as the barge is loaded with treasures, including a sacrificial horse. Contrasted to the feeling of the festival, there is a bit more ceremony in the air, though both the festival and the funeral are for remembrance of the dead. Having heard some tales about the magical eye of Snorri Stone-Eye, as well as the tidbits of information from Drago, the party decided to make use of their time waiting for their tail (the Frozen Shadows) to prepare for the evening’s heist.

Using the raw intellect and criminal ability that made him such an asset  in Riddleport, Fane sent the party out to do some various errands, leading up to the heist.

1.) The lynchpin of our plan was to procure some additional spell power, in the form of a scroll of water breathing and a scroll of Ant Haul to help us get to and from the boat unseen, as well as carry all the loot we’d be getting.

2.) The second piece was information: we hired a runner to go out and get information regarding the location of the festivities and general information about the event. We had the area scouted.

3.) Finally, considering the raw amount of coin and bulky art we expected such a raider to amass, we purchased a Bag of Holding with the party’s funds.

On the way down to the docks, we sent word to Drago about our plan, and executed the haul by having Amaranth and Dibs spot us from the shore and provide support while guarding the wagon. Svenli, Tsuyoi, Thalla, and Fane used the Scroll of Water Breathing, and slipped into the icy cold caress of the river that flowed into Broken Bay. Fane kept on his kimono, but Svenli and Tsuyoi doffed their armor to further improve their stealth and ability to carry loot.

As the boat approached, the party noticed a flight of Will-O-Wisps, but fortunately, they did not engage. Fane levitated out of the water with a rope and tied it off, allowing the party to board easily. We got moving fast, as the flames burning through an oil soaked bier provided the timer for the ship’s destruction. With a deft-switcheroo we were able to put the illusion of fire in place of the actual flame, and with the immediate threat of fiery death temporarily delayed, we were able to discern that the ‘body’ left on the bier was in fact, not a body at all. However, it did have a magical helm and a magical eye that the party took before delving into the below decks.

Below decks, the party smelled something in addition to the kerosene: death and decay. More than we expected. We began to poke around the hold, filled to the brim with treasure, before a powerful presence assaulted us – the resentful corpse of Snorri himself! His onslaught was short lived however, as a powerful blow from Svenli and a barrage of axes from Thalla dropped him as quickly as he arrived, though not before his tainted touch corrupted Tsuyoi’s exposed flesh.

With the immediate threat taken care of (again), the party used Fane’s snap judgement and appraisal skills (and Bag of Holding!) to rage-loot a bunch of gold and silver coins, as well as many pieces of bizarre and wondrous art.

Thalla in particular found a tapestry that everyone knew would grace her room for the months to come. It was rad.

Taking Snorri’s plunder, and his corpse itself, the party saw an approaching group of canoes come to check on the status of the ship. With a start, the party lit the ship back on fire, and the warriors plunged back into the water stealthily off the back of the ship, while Fane creepily floated to shore with a jolly sack of presents for the caravan.

We ended the night as the party floated off, another successful heist under their belts.


Magical Eye of Snorri (Koya)
Thunderous Spear +1 (Team Ballista!)
Mammoth Hide Armor +2 (Thalla)
Helm of Something! (Thalla!)
Piles of coins and art (Liquidated)
Piles of Masterwork Weapons and Armor (Liquidated or distributed)
Masterwork Buckler (Fane)
Mithril Chain Shirt (Fane)
Darkwood Fiddle (Ameiko)
10 MW Shurikens (Spivvy)
Pile of Silver Plate and Platters (Caravan)
MW Greataxe (Kelda)

Next Session:

Return to the caravan and enjoy our spoils!



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