Jade Regent Session Summary 12/8/17 – More Fun than a Barrel of Ninjas

If you're gonna dice....you better dice hard.

Jade Regent Session Summary 12/8/17 – More Fun than a Barrel of Ninjas

Episode X+3 – More Fun than a Barrel of Ninjas

We rejoin our heroes in a back alley, after triumphing over many (but not all!) of the ninjas of the Frozen Shadows. Tsuyoi restrained one of the more legitimate looking members of the group, the Cleric of Fumeiyoshi, Mada Murai. He was initially not very helpful, but Svenli and Fane played “Good Cop, Fane Cop” to get some information. After a pretty impressive interrogation attempt, the party managed to tease out some information (wary of the traitor brand that would set him on fire if he shared too much information). We found out that there were several such groups, trying to find us and attack us in our sleep. They were given our description, and with a bit of nuance, we were able to find out that they worked for Goti Runecaster.

Armed with that information, the party decided to clean up loose ends. We inquired about where that other ninja would have run off to. Fane used his incredible arcane insights to determine which spell the smoke bombs were created with, and then Tsuyoi used his ability to Create Water to push the remaining ninja out. As he slid out of the Rope Trick crawl space, Svenli crushed his foot…KILLING HIM INSTANTLY.

Determined to slake her bloodlust, Thalla threw her axe at Mata, ready to end the immediate threat to the party. Her axe sunk into his head, causing him to be deeply concerned, but then teleported back to her belt. Having forced his hand, Svenli then performed a coup’d’grace, finishing the wounded Mata.

Fane consulted the Harrow, and augured that going to the funeral of Snorri Stone-eye and possibly *heisting* would have a beneficial outcome. Thanks Spirits of the Harrow!

Next Session:

The party, drained of some resources, heads to the funeral of Snorri Stone-eye to see if they can carry out a way better heist than he could ever.


From the Ninjas:

Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2 (Who wants this?)
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 (-1 Charge of Wand of Identify)
3 Liquid vials – 2 Flasks of Greenblood Oil, 1 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Masterwork Thieves Tools – Thalla?
10 Masterwork Shurikens
Small Amber Raven

Other plot hooks to resolve:

  • KICK THE BUTT? of Amaranth’s cousin, Marcius Vashranari. He’s in town selling axebeaks. His stupid evil imp gave us some gold.
  • Finding the fey troll , Goti Runecaster to track down Ulf Gormundr, drunk caravan guide – BEFORE THEY FIND US!
  • Spending some time to train and learn from our mentors in the Caravan.
  • Going back and kicking the ass of Asvig Longthews
  • Track down Suishen, the ancestral blade of the Kaijutsu family.


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